Monday, 3 September 2012

Work Updates with AH&P at SPC

Okay time to update you all on my status. I know its been a while! Sometimes i need motivation to keep this blog updated... "don't we all"!!  

I'am now with the Animal Health and Production (AH&P) Unit at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in Nabua. Its been a month now since i moved to AH&P. I love the working environment and the staff that i work with (also miss the CETC staff), it has been a great experience learning from them and learning new things.

The work i do here involves a lot of things. From crops, climate change and web tool etc etc. All this in some way is related to Animal Science. Say for instance for the crops. At the moment we are conducting a Biogas Digester Effluent Trial at the Koronivia Research Station (KRS) Field on Mustard Cabbage. Instead of  using Urea as the fertilizer we have applied the "biogas digester effluent" as the fertilizer. 

For more information on "biogas digester effluent" please visit:

Here are some pictures taken on our last visit to the KRS field. ENJOY
Treatments A-E

Biogas digester Effluent

Taking effluent measurements
Effluent carefully applied around the cabbage


  1. nice pic of those activities ..
    what kind of biogas made from?

  2. Hi Indy. Thanks. Biogas is from the piggery waste.