Sunday, 2 September 2012

Cabbage garden. In memory of Ben Saqata. R.I.P Ben

On 19th August, 2012.. our family lost a dear brother, 23 year old Ben Saqata who was my brothers (Ponipate) best friend. He became part of the family and would always be hanging around at home when ever he could. Ben and Tuks would be out in the garden in the weekends lost in their world of "talanoa" (story-telling)  sessions and enjoying the sun, cool breeze and the view of nature whilst farming. Tuks had shown me their vegetable garden once. They had just planted Chinese cabbage and were inquiring on the transplanting dates. I was actually surprised and overwhelmed at how much interest they showed for their garden (mind you, at that time i had not even planted a single thing lol). 

Ben had been part of the Fiji Rugby team (Barbarians) that played in S. Africa and sustained a head injury whilst playing. He stopped playing then as the pain got worse. He lost hes battle on 19th of August, 2012. It was a sad time for the whole family. On the day of hes funeral, my sister (Titilia) and i transplanted the boys cabbage. The day was perfect. The sun was out and the cool breeze was felt. It was just the perfect day as Ben had always talked about! 

Here are some photos of their plots before the cabbage was being transplanted!

Stakes for the plot
Chinese Cabbage Plot
Ready for transplanting
The cabbage were transplanted on 25th August, same day as Ben's funeral. Ponipate went for Ben's funeral while Titilia and I stayed home and transplanted their cabbages on the "PERFECT DAY" in memory of Ben!! R.I.P Ben!!

Transplanting into new plot

Measured spacing 
Transplanting Complete
My sister Titilia helped in transplanting 

End of the day! 


  1. Great piece sis...pliz do remember to water the plants in the morning instead of waiting for me..and I must say..1st time to see you get your hands dirty since you got back..thanks to Ben for starting the project.

  2. Seriously sis?! You didn't have to mention that on here! Jeez... lol & thanks for the comment ;)

  3. Pei, my mom`s youngest bro`s son-is still very much missed @ home. We were yarning @ home one day when he looked across & saw a mosquito on mom`s cheek `Suck ur blood` he shouted. That phrase is now a slang @ home. RIP LADY VAI