Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Latepost notifications (#latepost2014)


My sincerest apologies to all my followers/readers for not keeping my blog updated especially last year. I know I haven't been writing much as I was just too busy with family, work, sports etc etc. I now am having the first hand experience of what the working life feels like... "No rest for the wicked" and than you have excuses that you do not have time for this and that but that shouldn't be the case. I remember how I always use that phrase on my working families and friends when I try to get them out to party with me whilst I was in Uni LOL...now it's starting to apply to some of us, yes? (be honest now)

So, my apologies for that. I hope to do better this year...!! Please note my "post titles", as it will have a hash tag latepost (or "throwback", nah too "FACEBOOKY") & which year (#latepost2014) on it to keep you informed on when the event took place. I have learnt my lesson and will improve on this.

Also I would like to urge you all, specially our youths in the Pacific.... to write. Create a blog and share your experiences with us. It doesn't have to be perfect (mine's not that perfect either).

Blogging is one way to share information and also gather information of your interest. If you need help in creating your blog, do not hesitate to send me an email. I will try to assist you in any way I can. Right, I better start my writing soon.... so, till then "Have a Beautiful Day"!!

Monday, 5 January 2015

1st Cattle Treatment Case for 2015

So the holidays wasn't all chillax and sleep in modes!

I 'am starting to realize that I may be an ...... wait for it....wait for it ...... "WORK-AHOLIC"! Yes?! No?!  I HOPE NOT!!

But I now realize that I' am one person that does not really just sit and laze around over the holidays. I find myself either spending time at an export company (exports taro and cassava to New Zealand market) learning and helping out with the business or tending to their livestock's in the farm.

On the final day of 2014, big sis asked if I could tend to one of their cattle's. The cow has mastitis and I have been massaging the udder/teats with hot water mixed with antiseptic and 5 teaspoon of salt. At the moment puss is coming out of the hard swollen lump on the udder. Will have to check again this arvo for any changes and work accordingly from there.

I think I just love my job LOL! Do you love what you do? Please share.


Remember to always have the heart of A TIGER, A LION & A FIGHTER and fight for what you BELIEVE in!