Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Job Opportunity

One of my motivational quotes is, "It doesnt hurt to try" but my favourite is "IT SHALL BE WELL"!!! ;) Yes "it shall be well". In times of trouble and hardships I always find myself repeating after this quote "that all shall be well" and everything does turn out to be OK. You should try it too with FAITH!!

It's funny how I just started this blog and mentioned on how I wanted to find my footings, etc then a "blessing" happens. Just received a call yesterday for a short interview. It went really well and I realized how much Agricultural knowledge, particularly "livestock" related matters, I still have in me even though I have been out of practise for quite some time now. Amazing!!!

So good news people, I got offered a position in a organisation that is of my field of study and I'm so glad and THANKFUL to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and for the Community Education Training Centre (CETC) under the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) for giving me an opportunity to learn more on administration work. I tell you... it is an advantage to also have an admin background nowadays.

Chicken Hatchery
So hard to make decisions. But this is what I wanted and what I had studied for. Lets see what happens in the coming days.

I will update you more on this once all has been confirmed.

But for the mean time, if you have some advice or comments please do not hesitate to post them. I have to start looking for my boots! Out with the heels and in with my boots?!!

Drenching sheeps during my uni days

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