Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Updates ..!! Decisions made!!

Hello Everyone.

So sorry to have kept you in the dark for a while. Been fighting the "decision making" battles and this usually keeps me quiet till i'am confirmed with the things i want to say or when i'am ready to say something. You know how it is!

Okay so you all remember the job that was offered to me, right? If not then please scroll back down to my 2nd last post & read on.

Before i venture off with my story telling lol, i will update you on my conversation with my boss. So i told her about the job offer and she was very happy for me. I was also very excited about this new job opportunity and was looking forward to the new post.

When i picked up the contract, the conditions weren't as i expected. We had a discussion about the disagreement but couldn't work things out. With the qualification i have and the terms and conditions of job offered it just did not match in anyway.

I had thought about it very carefully and came to the unfortunate conclusion of declining the offer. It was bit saddening for me but i love doing work with passion and this cant happen if i'am not satisfied with what i get out of it. If you're wondering why i applied for the job in the 1st place, yes i had applied for the job but as a "Farm Manager"and not of a "Hatchery Supervisor". But being offered the post of Hatchery Supervisor i had thought that the contract would be the same as Farm Manager (reason as to why i had applied for the post in the first place). I really did want to take on that new post offered to me but it was such a shame that we couldn't come to an agreement with contract. 

I do not regret the decision that i have made, as i have left everything to the Lord to sort out and prayed that he has to help me make the right choices. And also i tell you that now i'm starting to realize why so  many people find it hard to make decisions. One thing we must learn from all this is to take things slow. Think about the offers very carefully, the pros and cons & be very careful not to loose out on both offers.

Also, HONESTY plays an important role in the working field. I had to notify my boss about the job offer as i did not want to drop off last minute and leave a bad mark behind. I'am still at CETC though and i do not feel so bad after my final decision. I'am a happy girl and do live life as if there were no tomorrows! So for now, i'll just leave things at that and see what else the world has got for me. If you have queries on this post please feel free to leave a comment. "It Shall Be Well"


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